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1913: Österreichische Gehörlosenbund (ÖGLB) (AT)

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The ÖGLB was founded in 1913 on the 11th Taubstummentag in Graz as the Reich Association of Deaf-Mute Associations in Austria.

The association wants to strengthen the self-confidence of the deaf and their reputation. It advocates the recognition of sign language as a non-ethnic minority language and its acceptance.

In addition, it strives for equal partnerships between deaf and hearing people and the mediation of an equivalent school offer in Austrian sign language. It also advises on deaf-specific issues in the ministry committee and public institutions.

The primary goal is a legal safeguarding of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the deaf, the recognition of the Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) and their language rights. The educational standard of the deaf should be increased, citizenship rights should be exercised and participation in society should take place.""

from: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Österreichischer_Gehörlosenbund 

Source: http://www.oeglb.at

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