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1936: Doof Vlaanderen (BE)

Doof Vlaanderen is a federation of Flemish Deaf organizations that works towards equality, emancipation and development of deaf people and their language, the Flemish Sign Language, in society.

That is why Doof Vlaanderen stands up for the individuality, rights and well-being of deaf people in all aspects of daily life. Doof Vlaanderen vzw also supports the membership of various local associations for the deaf in Flanders.


At the initiative of some Flemish sign-language people, in 1936 an umbrella association was founded under the name Nationaal Verbond der Katholieke Deaf-mute-bonds, abbreviated as Navekados. This was established so that the Flemish and Walloon deaf can organize themselves nationally with a view to improving their social position.

As a result of communautaire struggles that stood in the way of an adequate subsidization of both subdivisions of Navekados, the Flemish and Walloon divisions split from each other in 1977.

On January 29, 1977, the Flemish umbrella organization of deaf associations Fenedo (Federation of the Dutch-speaking Deaf Associations) was founded. The Walloon counterpart is called FFSB (Féderation Francophone des Sourds de Belgique).

In 1986, the name of Fenedo was changed into Fevlado: Federatie van de Vlaamse Dovenorganisaties, 

In 2017, Fevlado became Doof Vlaanderen (Deaf Flanders).


Source: https://www.doof.vlaanderen

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