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1993: Federação Portuguesa das Associações de Surdos (FPAS) Portuguese Federation of Associations of the Deaf

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When the I National Congress of the Deaf, on June 20, 1993, held in Coimbra, there was an urgent need for the creation of a Federation of the Deaf that would constitute itself as the maximum representative of the Deaf Community before Governmental Entities. Thus, six months later, on December 20 of the same year, the Portuguese Federation of Deaf Associations was created and made official, with the acronyms FPAS, promoted by the following associations: Cultural Association of the Deaf of Amadora; Portuguese Association of the Deaf; Association of Deaf-Mutes of the Municipality of Almada; West Deaf Association and Braga Deaf Association.

Following these general lines, FPAS had the collaboration of Portuguese Deaf, belonging to the respective Associations of the Deaf, and the number of affiliations has increased to this day. Initially counting at five, today FPAS has the affiliation of eleven Associations of the Deaf, which are represented before Governmental and/or Private Bodies from where it seeks financial, legal, community and institutional support, valuing and enticing the Law of the Deaf Citizen in Portugal.

It is the role of FPAS, as the highest representative institution of the Deaf in Portugal, to emphasize and value the Rights of the Deaf Person, carrying out projects and working in various areas: Education; Justice; Job; Accessibilities, counting on the continuous and irrefutable collaboration of the National Institute of Rehabilitation, with the acronyms INR. It is FPAS' objective to continue this hard work and count on the confidence of the Portuguese Deaf in the struggle for a Visible and Inclusive Deaf Community.

Source: http://fpasurdos.pt/

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