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1934: СЪЮЗ НА ГЛУХИТЕ В БЪЛГАРИЯ (SGB) Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria

The Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria is the successor of the former Society of the Deaf and Dumb in Bulgaria, which was founded on July 12, 1934.

It started its activity in the conditions of severe economic crisis, unemployment and famine hearing people and defending their cultural and material interests. But this main goal of theirs failed to be realized in the first years after the establishment of the company, due to the difficult situation in the country. Bringing together more than 200 members from all over the country, the society leads an organizationally weak life and carries out partial philanthropic activities, succeeding thanks to the enthusiasm of its founders.

 After 1944, the Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria, the successor of the Society of the Deaf and Dumb, began to develop large-scale organizational, production-economic, social-household, cultural-educational, sports and tourist activities.

Nowadays, 4,908 members are members of the SGB, organized in 12 regional organizations.

 The strategy of the SGB leadership is dictated by the real living conditions in the country, constantly doing everything possible to prove to the public that people with hearing impairments can be very useful. The Union leadership will continue to actively insist on respect for their rights guaranteed by the standard UN rules on equality of persons with disabilities; for full access to information and modern technical means; for fair social legislation and last but not least - for the legalization of the Bulgarian sign language.

Source: http://www.sgbbg.com

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