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UK: John Goodricke

UK: John Goodricke York

John Goodricke, (born Sept. 17, 1764, Groningen, Neth.—died April 20, 1786, York, Yorkshire, Eng.), English astronomer who was the first to notice that some variable stars (stars whose observed light varies noticeably in intensity) were periodic. He also gave the first accurate explanation for one type of periodic variable.

Goodricke was deaf, probably because of a serious illness he had contracted in childhood. He nevertheless proved to be a bright student, and in 1778 he entered Warrington Academy, where he excelled in mathematics and his interest in astronomy was awakened. After leaving the academy in 1781 he started making his own astronomical observations.

from: https://www.britannica.com/biography/John-Goodricke


Minster Yard, York, UK