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Musée d'Histoire Culture des Sourds

14 rue Edgar Guigot

71500 Louhans


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Musée d'Histoire et de Culture des Sourds
14 rue Edgard Guigot
71500  Louhans-Châteaurenaud, France

Open every Tuesday from 14 h to 16 h 30. 

For other days or weekends, for school groups, groups: by reservation. 

SMS : 06 15 02 22 48 -  tél : 06 78 44 96 38 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Museum exhibits all aspects of the history and culture of the deaf:

  • The rich and complex history of each of the many schools for deaf children.
  • The role of deaf teachers in sign language education.
  • The social life of deaf children in institutions.
  • The epic of deaf sport, which has its own world games.
  • The history of associative life.
  • The history of sign language, regional dialects, lexical creation, humor in signs.

The Museum for the Deaf is the first in France. The foundation of the Museum required 12 years of research and  2 and a half years of work. This work was led by Armand Pelletier,  assisted by his wife Yvette, and Yves Delaporte . The official opening was on March 9, 2013. 

220px Musée des sourdsArmand Pelletier and his wife Yvette at the Museum (source: Wikipedia).

The Plans for a museum were born when Armand Pelletier received many original manuscripts, some of which were written by Ferdinand Berthier, the deaf-mute advocate. Among these manuscripts, for example, was an original petition from 1830 during the “revolution” against the oral education of students at the Institution des Jeunes Sourds de Saint Jacques in Paris.

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The Museum is located in the outbuildings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Louhans. Its collections includes dozens of paintings, writings, diagrams or photographs retracing the history and heritage of the deaf.

The Museum presents a permanent exhibition dedicated to Ferdinand Berthier and temporary exhibitions on specific themes. It helps to preserve a trace of the history, of the culture of the deaf, by exhibiting pieces of the deaf cultural, artistic and historical heritage. Thus, this culture will not disappear, which is important today for deaf children.

from: https://www.musee-sourds-louhans.fr/informations/genèse-du-musée/

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 photos from: www.musee-sourds-louhans.fr/

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